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Happy Easter everyone!

Today, if you weren’t aware, is Easter Sunday!

Unfortunately I will be working from 12 until whenever my work decides to let me go, so I can’t really be here to celebrate it with all of you wonderful followers.

But! I propose a challenge (or a game or whatever) to all the artists out there to celebrate today.

Challenge: Draw a Sugar Rush Racer based on a typical Easter candy or sweet and submit it to the blog!

If you already have a sugar rush racer, Easter or otherwise, submit that too! Or you can draw one of the regular racers but switch up their color scheme!

I’ll try to shoot them out throughout the week! And I might even draw one of my own to share!

So if you wanna do something today try making a racer. Who knows, it might be fun!

I’ll see everyone when I get out of work!

Stay sweet, don’t go turbo,and happy easter!

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Vanellope Von Schweetz by DreamOfDiscord
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Sweet Racers by Stormfalcon
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Adorabeezle Winterpop Sugar Rush Wreck it Ralph by chamellephoto
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Ever get so bored you revisit old work? I do a lot. This is a new edit on a photo from Wondercon last year.
This is Miss Steak in the photo.
I’ll probably put up another photo on my own facebook later from last year.
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