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Sweet Racers by Stormfalcon
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Adorabeezle Winterpop Sugar Rush Wreck it Ralph by chamellephoto
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Ever get so bored you revisit old work? I do a lot. This is a new edit on a photo from Wondercon last year.
This is Miss Steak in the photo.
I’ll probably put up another photo on my own facebook later from last year.
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Halloween 2013, Crumbelina DiCarmello & Gloyd Orangboar
Wreck it Ralph 2 in the works, says composer Henry Jackman

If you haven’t heard it by now there’s even more talks of a Wreck it Ralph sequel than before. During an interview on ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’, Composer Henry Jackman dropped a bomb by saying that “[he] believes that [a sequel] is officially on the cards.”

You can read the full interview here

With the mass popularity Wreck it Ralph managed to gain at its release, grossing $189 million in the US and $281 overseas, it is definitely in Disney’s recent top movies roster and has certainly proven itself as a film to be wreckoned with (hehe)

In the past, director Rich Moore hinted at a sequel, but hadn’t confirmed it since Disney’s lineup for the next several years is already pretty full, with the release of Big Hero 6 this year and Zootopia in 2016. You can read his interview over here

If/When Wreck it Ralph gets a sequel, we won’t be seeing anything for it for quite some time, but we can certainly anticipate more good news in the future.

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[CALHOUN x FELIX] Indestructible by Windaria
Hello new followers

Wow my regular follower count jumped quite a bit in the past few days. Much more than I normally see it, so I suppose I should welcome all of the new faces.

Welcome to Wreck it Ralph Central, the station for all your Wreck it Ralph needs. I post a variety of things here, but I mostly try to focus on fan contribution by cosplay. If you have any cosplay submissions or submissions in general, please feel free to send them in! We are always accepting.

If you’re new, check out the FAQ or the Archive if you need help finding some specific cosplays or information. If you’re not new, I updated the FAQ by the way.

If you have any questions feel free to send an ask! The queue, when it updates, updates between the times of 5pm and 12pm Eastern Standard Time, but I answer all asks as soon as I see them.

And I guess that’s all anyone needs to know so…

Stay sweet, don’t go turbo, and thanks for stopping by!

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