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Vanellope cos test.  I don’t have my right contacts in.  But yeah!  I’m excited to show you pictures when the group is together.
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Sergeant Calhoun - Wreck-it Ralph - Cosplay by CynShenzi
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Last day at Metrocon go go go!!
Convention leave

Hello everyone! This upcoming weekend I am going to be attending Metrocon in Tampa Florida, so I will not be on all weekend (not like it matters, things have been slow)

I will be cosplaying Vanellope on Sunday at Metrocon for Kids Day and will be giving out candy to anyone who asks. The rest of my lineup for the weekend can be viewed right over here on my main.

If you follow the blog and are attending and see me please feel free to stop by and say hello! I’ll be taking pictures all weekend so hopefully I’ll have some really great wreck it ralph and sugar rush photos for you all when I get back on Monday!

As always, Stay sweet, don’t go Turbo, and see you in a week!

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Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck it Ralph
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I don’t know if there’s enough race cars to convince Vanellope to join the Doctor, but then, she’d get to leave her game and see new things. What do you guys think? Would she join the Doctor?
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Me as Vanellope von Schweetz and Nick as Ralph
Wreck it Ralph
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